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We are looking for additional staff for both part-time and full-time vacancies. We offer an excellent working environment, conscientious on-the-job training and career-minded support. Here, we asked some present and former staff to tell us about their experiences working for our company:

  • Mizuki Asai

    Shimotsuki Co. Director and Executive Chef

1979Born in Yokohama, Kanawaga prefecture
1999Graduated as Japanese Cuisine Master, Tsuji Tokyo Culinary Institute
Trained for six years at Japanese restaurant in Kanagawa
2005Joined Shimotsuki
2010Became Head Chef of Maru Aoyama
2012Became Manager of Maru Aoyama
2013Became General Manager of Maru Aoyama and Ginza Maru
2015Became Director and Executive Chef of Shimotsuki

  • Q1. What does your present work involve?

    Our principal is “Help everyone involved be happy”. Keeping this in mind I oversee the general management of Maru’s business environment. I am responsible for menu development, staff training, human resources, sales promotion, and inventory. I also work with our company president on management reform. The aim is to make Shimotsuki a more attractive business. Using my experience as a chef, I want to create a friendly working environment for employees, including better training and evaluation systems.

  • Q2. Looking back on your past work experience, what sort of things stand out?

    Joining this company and meeting company president Keiji Mori was a turning point for me. I’ve learned a lot of important things that are useful in life as well as work. Almost everything I’ve experienced since joining the company has changed my thinking and helped me improve, and this has led me to what I’ve become today.

    I have various responsibilities as both chef and manager, but more than anything I am concerned about human resources. Every year, our number of employees and their families increases. We also plan to open new restaurants in 2018, so those numbers will keep rising. The company carries these people, so I feel some pressure. I try to reassure staff by letting them know I have nearly 20 years experience in the restaurant business and I want to make working here a source of growth for everyone.

Q3. What are your goals?

I want Shimotsuki to be a company where everyone is happy to work, and that society as a whole comes to better appreciate the restaurant industry.

  It’s been 10 years since I joined the company and helped create the Maru restaurants. I worked with both part-time and full-time staff in all positions. People who we describe as having “graduated” from Maru now run their own restaurants, or take on their parents’ businesses. They are active, they get married and have families, and they do really well at other companies. These people created Maru and I believe their invisible legacies are supporting us now.

  So my goal is to make this a company that former and current employees can be proud of.

  Another target is to develop Maru as a restaurant which can stand tall in the world today. Maru has been welcoming an increasing number of foreign diners. Last year, I went to Australia on a training trip and I came to realize even more that I want Maru to be a restaurant for both Japanese and non-Japanese customers.

  With this broad customer base in mind, I want to add value to our restaurants by taking inspiration from the present and future of Japanese cuisine. So I want to learn more about Japan, the world, and Japanese cuisine.