About Maru圓について

Our name 圓 is pronounced "Maru" and means round or circle. It symbolizes a peacefully connected existence, without edges or conflict.

After extensive training in one of the most renowned ryotei restaurants in Kyoto, I elected to continue my studies in the United States. Upon returning to Japan, I opened Maru with the desire to provide a comfortable and relaxed Japanese cuisine dining experience.

Maru sources the best quality ingredients from all over Japan, just as the most exquisite ryotei restaurants do. But what defines Maru is the welcoming and comforting cuisine, an approach mirrored in our dining room aesthetic and professional front-of-house staff.

Enjoy the utmost hospitality at our flagship Maru locations in Aoyama and Ginza, as well as in Shibuya, opening in 2018.

Keiji Mori
Maru Chef/ Owner